Liverpool Noise Gig Guide

I produce a regular gig guide for Liverpool Noise. You can read it here.

Interview with Yard Act


Iechyd Da Bill Ryder-Jones (review)

“I don’t know why he’s pulled such a blinder.”

Interview with CHAI 

“We strongly felt there was a part of each of us that is kawaii.”

The Sheffield Scene: A Crash Course

Sheffield has to make its own fun.

Interview with Giorgia Bortoli

“If you’ve got a body and you’re existing in summer, you’ve got a summer body!”

Interview with Half Long Poem

“Life is in the little things, like going for bubble tea.”

Lilies’ Dew Mall Girl (review)

Breathlessly accelerating the pace one moment and reclining into lush pop orchestration the next.

See You Soon Akemi Fox (review)

A slice of 90s-inflected R&B balmy enough to melt the chilliest of hearts.

Interview with Olivia Browse

“I never answer my phone calls, but I’ll still complain about being lonely!”

I Know What They’re Thinking Amahla (review)

Little did she guess she'd experience her own adulthood during an era nobody felt like celebrating.

Pisces Abbie Ozard (review)

A lighthearted lo-fi riposte to rubbish suitors.

At The Wheel Bo Milli (review)

Sometimes it's hard to tell the difference between mountains and molehills.

Devastatingly Mediocre Deanna Petcoff (review)

Shaky camerawork evokes smalltown boredom while weathered Converse get a starring role.

Interview with Michael Aldag

“It’s in those times of real grief and loss that you finally find out who you are.”

Interview with Porridge Radio

“I hope our music can make people feel like they are a bit more seen.”

FutureNow festival

Chances are the guy sipping pilsner to your left is moonlighting in about three of the bands.

Interview with Wyndow

“Having limitations can make you more creative in some ways."

Interview with iamkyami

“I can’t be the person to swoop in and try to save the scene.”

Profile of Holly Roseanna

“I can understand why people say songwriting is like therapy.”

Profile of MAZED

“This is what I love: giving room for all your emotions.”

Interview with Tabitha Jade

“I wanted to bring the sass back!”

Do You Wonder About Me?  Diet Cig (review)

What young band doesn’t quake at a salty Pitchfork review?

Interview with Warmduscher

“Whatever came out, we stuck with it.”

Colores  J Balvin (review)

Sipping aguardiente with women in bikinis.

You or Someone You Know  Worriers (review)

Wouldn’t it be easier to just outsource your problems to a cult?       

Bill Ryder-Jones at Future Yard Festival, Birkenhead

Outside the chapel people compete for his attention. 

Hinds at Arts Club, Liverpool

Apparently Sports Team showed up, but I only had eyes for the Spanish quartet. 

The Studied Mythmaking of Britney Spears

Is she ringing up some other blonde girl in a lilac bedroom, surrounded by Beanie Babies as she clasps the receiver to her ear?

Primavera Sound 2018 

I’m informed he's had the audacity to wear a pair of tight white jeans. 

Someone Else’s Playlist

I was floating somewhere outside of myself, impervious to the bedlam from the speakers.

Interview with Zuzu 

“Everyone’s a bit sad, aren’t they? And I feel like laughing about it helps.”

Interview with Laura J Martin 

“Let me just say that I had to down a lot of tea to digest the bugger.”

Interview with Mary Miller

“You end up with a kind of distorted reality, because you’ve turned the original sound on its head to find a whole new perspective.”

The Smiths’ Royal Iconoclasm

Times were bleak, and the world wasn’t listening — or worse still, it was listening to Simply Red.

Interview with Richard Hawley

“The Tories are dismantling our country.”

Interview with Friends 

“She was right there on stage, cradling this panther under her arm because she was real shy.”