Colores  J Balvin (review)

Sipping aguardiente with women in bikinis.

You or Someone You Know Worriers (review)

Your carefully laid plans are going to end up getting dismantled. 

Bill Ryder-Jones at Future Yard Festival, Birkenhead

Outside the chapel people compete for his attention. 

Hinds at Arts Club, Liverpool

Apparently Sports Team showed up, but I only had eyes for the Spanish quartet. 

The Studied Mythmaking of Britney Spears

Is she ringing up some other blonde girl in a lilac bedroom, surrounded by Beanie Babies as she clasps the receiver to her ear?

Primavera Sound 2018 

I’m informed that he's had the audacity to wear a pair of tight white jeans. 

Interview with Zuzu 

“Everyone’s a bit sad, aren’t they? And I feel like laughing about it helps.”

Interview with Laura J Martin 

“Let me just say that I had to down a lot of tea to digest the bugger.”

Interview with Mary Miller

“You end up with a kind of distorted reality, because you’ve turned the original sound on its head to find a whole new perspective.”

The Smiths’ Royal Iconoclasm

Times were bleak, and the world wasn’t listening — or worse still, it was listening to Simply Red.

Interview with Richard Hawley

“If I wasn’t a musician, I’d quite like to be a carpenter, but I would definitely be the only one with a roadie.”

Interview with Friends 

“She was right there on stage, cradling this panther under her arm because she was real shy.”